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Popcorn Box Coated - Small (100x Pack)

Popcorn Box Coated - Small (100x Pack)

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Foodpack Popcorn Box Coated - Small, available in a pack of 100, offers a delightful and practical solution for packaging and serving small portions of popcorn. Specifically designed with a coated interior, this box ensures that the popcorn stays fresh and crispy. Made from high-quality materials, the Popcorn Box Coated - Small provides durability and strength to securely hold the popcorn without compromising its taste or texture. Its compact size makes it perfect for individual servings at movie nights, parties, events, or snack bars. The coated interior prevents grease and moisture from seeping through, ensuring a mess-free and enjoyable popcorn experience. Whether for cinemas, home theaters, or outdoor gatherings, Foodpack Popcorn Box Coated - Small guarantees a convenient and hygienic packaging solution for serving and savoring delicious popcorn.

  • 100% food-grade, standards of hygiene, odor-less, and dust-free
  • Excellent for packaging snacks, preserving their quality, and keeping them fresh for extended periods
  • FDA Approved environmental-friendly alternative to plastic bags
  • Suitable for chemists, restaurants, bakeries, vegetables, and other food items

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